Have you ever found yourself disagreeing with the official storyform?

For example, I created a story form, for myself, for Jurassic Park. I came up with the core conflict being between Fact and Fantasy. The official story form says it is between Order and Chaos. Even after knowing that the official story form sets the conflict between Order and Chaos, I still believe it is between Fact and Fantasy. I don’t mean this to be disrespectful of the group that wrote up that story form, I just don’t agree with them. Can there be more than one proper story form for a story?

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The Jurassic Park storyform is pretty old at this point, IIRC, so you may actually be more right than you think. That being said… you’re disagreeing a lot deeper than Order/Chaos vs. Fact/Fantasy. (For one thing, Order/Chaos is a character-level conflict, whereas Fact/Fantasy is a theme-level conflict.) Fact/Fantasy is under Progress, whereas Order/Chaos is in the Purpose Types: Past, Understanding, Conceptualizing, and Memories. Could you defend why you think it’s in Progress-Fact, and what you think the character-level conflict should be instead of Order/Chaos?

It’s a matter of accuracy.

You can see whatever you want in a narrative–it’s when you try to make an argument for more than just two points on the model, that you quickly find out you need to see with better eyes.


I don’t want to say I’ve found myself disagreeing with official story forms so much as I’ve found myself coming up with something different and having no idea why. This generally ends with me working out a way to make my understanding jive with the official word from Dramatica only to find out the next time that I’m still doing it wrong. I hope every instance gets me a little bit closer to right for the next time.

I’m currently convinced that my biggest problems is I’m just too linear to see everything holistically enough.


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