Interest in Fringe series analysis?

Has anyone here seen the Fox series Fringe? It’s free on Amazon Prime right now. Paranormal FBI series with Anna Torv (of Mindhunter) and John Noble (of Lord of the Rings)… Oh, and Joshua Jackson (of Star Tours the ride queue video fame :smile:).

I just rewatched the entire series again over the past 100 days in lockdown, and forgot how good the show is. Dare I say, it’s even better than its inspiration, The X-Files (go ahead, fight me). Every monster-of-the week episode ties in directly to the overarching story, and there is some unparalleled Relationship Story work in there. The Overall Story resolves so well each season as it does for series as a whole. J.J. must’ve been super hands-off with this one.

Would love to team up and look at the series, season and even some individual episodes if anyone is game. I am sure there are some really good storyforms in there.

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You lost me with this comment…

…but won me right back with this one.

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Haha. It’s definitely worth a watch. The chemistry between the characters alone is palpable, and the series is unafraid of answering its mysteries… as each answer just opens larger questions.

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I loved the series when originally playing. I read every sci fi story and book before 1972, and I couldn’t muster the interest into X-files. I loved Star Treks, and I couldn’t muster the interest into 2nd Gen, just the first and all the rest. I LOVED!!! Fringe! It was _fantastic. If you haven’t yet, be sure to catch it, Folks. I would be willing to pipe up with a humble analysis question or two. No expert, here, for sure.

When you go onto IMDB and click on Fringe, it gives you an option to sign up with certain ‘avenues’ including Prime, so I picked Apple for convenience. I am now able to see the whole series for free. Maybe, it is because I got a free year of Apple TV that I never use. However, Google was also an option of sign up and sign in.

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Woo hoo! Great minds! It really was a terrific series with some really compelling storytelling.

I’d actually be interested in looking at the series as a whole first to see what the overarching story is. They wrapped things up so nicely, I bet there’s a really solid storyform there.

Beyond that, it would be fun to do each of the 5 seasons… and even more fun to do some of the more pivotal episodes.

What makes it tricky is they did a series wrap-up at the end of the fourth season’s episode run, just in case it did not get renewed. It would take time to see the whole series, again.

Oh I must’ve missed that. When I binged through the 100 episodes, the end of 4 seemed to set up 5 pretty well.

If you do get around to it, let me know. I’ll be waiting in the future :wink:

It appears they had two episodes ready to go either way, in case they didn’t get renewed, but the renewal came in time for continuity. I was remembering the publicity at the time, I guess. I have seen the series and could watch a few episodes to bring it all back, then go for it.

I bet the pilot has a complete storyform, if you wanted to try with that just to get the series on the map.

OK, and I’ll take a week or two, in case others are interested.

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I have just finished watching the Fringe pilot, and it probably is the best pilot in broadcast history. (pilots usually are duds). It stands as a strong movie quality experience. A masterpiece! I forgot the genius plotting. Stunned, here.

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Hell yes. I just rewatched it as well (did you catch the Observer?)

Do you want to see if it has a storyform? We could do a DUG-style analysis.

H…yes, DUG … and of course I have to rewatch it first to get the observer.

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Was that from the first few scenes with the zoom-in shots being not from a character’s perspective, at the start of the scene? Or was it having the large letters indicating place, during the film’s switching of locations? Or both? If not or if more, please tell me, since I’m dying of curiosity! How was that indicated?

So, there’s an Observer in every episode. Usually September. In Ep 1 an observer walks past camera past the midpoint. I think it’s outside Massive Dynamic.

Did you want to start breaking down the episode?

He is carrying a briefcase?

Yes, and in any way you want. I’m, also, enthusiastic about watching the whole series, again. It’ll be a great thing to watch while the family watches news … haha.