Recent Films Analysis? Mandalorian, Jojo Rabbit, Knives Out

Anyone interested in solving the storyforms for some recent work that’s come out?

Some that have been on my radar lately are:

  • Jojo Rabbit
  • The Mandalorian (will probably have to wait until the series is over)
  • Frozen 2 (not sure if there’s a complete storyform)
  • Knives Out

Any takers?

My storyform guess

Theres not one


Haha, yeah… it was really hard to figure out.

There is the possibility that it’s a hand-off MC, or even two storyforms on top of each other, but I’m not sure that Elsa and Anna could share elements all the way down.

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I loved Knives Out. I would be amenable to trying to figure out a storyform but I might have to rewatch it. It might be interesting because it’s a mystery in which you don’t understand the actual timeline of events until the end.


Have you seen JoJo Rabbit yet? I could really imagine how the throughlines might fall just by reading the synopsis.

Tiki Waititi has two analyzed films already, so I’d feel good on taking the gamble. :thumbsup:


I saw it and loved it.
I’d be surprised if it didn’t have a storyform.


Sweet! I got two free passes to the theater so I’ll try to get the little lady out for a date night soon.

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Absolutely loved Knives Out. I’d have to rewatch too but would love to see if it has a storyform, especially given the structural subversions of the movie as a whole. It’d be very interesting to see if they were a result of storytelling/weaving or if they were built-in to the structure.

On a side note, I went looking for Mystery Comedy storyforms (e.g. Pink Panther; Clue) on Subtext just last week and there’s sadly none. Definitely a genre I’d like to look into in some way.


I’m into it @jhay. Have you seen Knives Out @JohnDusenberry ? Should we start a thread? (I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to rewatch but we could get started anyway).

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I’m gonna see it this week.


Yeah, I’m convinced that it’s not complete. A fun movie but the whole thing felt a huge mess story-wise, like multiple writers had different visions. Cool characters, some good songs and great animation, but the story was lacking.

A very different experience from the first Frozen – I agree with @decastell there in that, if the original doesn’t quite have a perfect storyform, it’s close enough that the gap doesn’t matter.


Having spoken with someone involved in the movie yesterday, I can confirm this has no storyform. So, it’s not us viewers who are missing anything.


Hey, I finally analyzed something right! Haha.


Disclaimer: Dramatica baby here, but It seemed to me that the two Mandalorian episodes I’ve seen were complete stories.

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It’s very possible there’s a truncated, but complete story in those.
I’d be interested to see if the series as a whole has a storyform.

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I have Jojo Rabbit here but probably won’t get to it before Friday.


Which two episodes were they?

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I saw the first 2 episodes, and I saw zero minutes of main character throughline. It was 100% overall story / plot. The only possible material that could qualify as MC TL was 10-20 seconds of a flashback. But I think that, at most, it was backstory not an inequity. I discern no personal problem, and I’m close to giving up on the series unless anyone can report there is a clear MC TL that elevates it above watching 'splosions and fab visuals.


First and second. Haven’t had time to continue the series so I have some catching up to do.

Knives Out!

Just saw it. WOW.

Who’s ready to pick it apart?
Should we branch off a thread?