Kialo forums with visual mapping

@jhull Hmmm…

That could be kind of awesome.

That looks great. Two things:

  1. It will only encourage @decastell
  2. Do you know how many times I’ve switched forums on everyone? They would kill me.

But thanks for the heads up! Gives me ideas…


1 hahahha ahhh knoooow
2 I hear you.

It just showed up in my twitter feed, I went hmmm.

Jim (too)

Forums are so old school. I’ve always wondered why recorded messages were never considered. I guess I know the answer.

It would be harder to skim past the stuff that you don’t want to hear or that you want to ignore. :wink:

That’s why I wish there were still some online meetings available. Forums are kind of cold…

Slack or Microsoft Team might be better. Being able to create a community document store would be invaluable for the accumulation of research, drawings and so on.

Slack is already on its way out. The online meetings will come back. Discourse has been working well enough for the past three years.

I guess today is complaint day. :confused:

Honestly, I find these Discourse-powered Discuss forums to be the cream of the crop as far as internet discussion goes. It’s fantastic! The level of helpfulness and “discourse” on here is something we should all be proud of.

@museful forums in general might be cold but I’ve found this one to be a really friendly place. You can’t beat it when someone like Jim takes the time to help people on here for free – basically the same kind of thing he charges for in his consulting business. Or when Dramatica’s co-creator Chris Huntley chimes in to offer his wisdom, and help on the really tricky stuff.

Let’s not take it for granted!


I didn’t mean cold in that way. I mean the medium. Not the people. I’m introverted, and even I would love to have access to a live group sometimes.

The folks here are nice enough. Jim obviously has invested a very sizeable amount of effort to maintain a community and process that he believes in deeply. I can appreciate that.

I’m quite sure that the forum lives and breaths because of his efforts. So thank you, Jim.

I know I’ll never be an expert in Dramatica or even string more than a couple of sentences together that are coherent… but I appreciate those that can.


I went to a few week-end sessions in Burbank in the 90’s when Chris went over the theory. They were fun and helped the learning process.



I’m a technology dude. Always looking for innovation and improvement. It’s a form of intellectual restlessness, not a criticism, not a complaint and not taking anything for granted. I always want the next thing: it’s a job requirement. It doesn’t mean ‘the next thing’ is the right move for the group or community. It might not be.

Discourse is a nice solid platform and this is an extremely functional community, from what I’ve seen. (Well, except for the debate about peer review LOL I don’t even know WHAT to call that. JK) If any innovative platform were an option, at the point in time it should be done as an ‘add on’ side experiment, where you see if it gets traction, so you don’t whack the existing successful forums.

Just so no one thinks I’m a wild eyed revolutionary Warrior for Christ (figure of speech, religious people). I’m a Director at a 100m company in New York, so I don’t make sudden moves, or recommend them.

I’m with you on this. And I didn’t think you were complaining…Slack has been annoying me lately so that’s why I responded the way I did.

Trust me, I’m always looking for the next updgrade as well!

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Very cool. You have good tech taste, s’obvious.

oh and this was on Medium today