Dramatica Writers Room

I have had such an amazing time being in the Narrative First Writers Room. That I thought I would make us a perpetual place to voice chat about Dramatica. I made us a Dramatica Writers Room in Discord. I prolly shoulda asked first…shrug

Anyway, you would download this app: Discord (which is free), make an account (also free)

And then join this server: https://discord.gg/xM4PEVV

Right now I have two rooms set up one for Brainstorming and General chatting (inspired by Greg’s Nano post. And the other for doing writing sprints. And I can add more/others if people want.

My handle there will look weird Deyneris.5216(aL) but it is me. I hope to see you over there.


That’s so funny. I started to set up a Narrative First server on Discord over the weekend - you beat to me to it! LOL


So good to know it’s okay with you :smiley: @jhull if there’s anything you want included, just let me know.

That’s great - thanks! Will check it out.

Hi Diane, I think you might to generate a new link that is set to not expire. I tried the above and it was invalid (likely expired).

There is a checkbox at the bottom when you create an invite link, that allows never expiring.


Link edited and updated to the never expire kind. Thanks for that. I had no clue :slight_smile: