Trouble getting into the writer's room

@jhull @everyone anyone else having trouble getting in to today’s Writer’s Room? Halp!

I’m getting this error message

An error occurred during a connection to

Seriously?! Am I the only one who can’t get in? sniff

I didn’t try to get in until halfway through, but I had a message that the host had another meeting in progress. Same happened a couple weeks ago, but I was on time then.

I wanted an easy class this week! (j/k)

The convertkit link is some issue with Convertkit - I’ll have to see why that happens.

Regardless - you can always find a link to the class at the top of the Writers Room page here:

And clicking on the giant blue Writers Room button:

If for some reason, you don’t see the green GO LIVE button after doing that you’ll need to log in first here:

The link in the weekly email just takes you to the Courses page - there’s nothing special about it (it doesn’t log you in, etc.)

Sorry you didn’t make it - I revealed everything there is to know about Dramatica!

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Of course, you did. I hate you. :stuck_out_tongue: But I love you, but I hate you!


Has the writers room started? I waited about 20 minutes while it said it was waiting for the host to start the meeting. Then I hopped out and back in and it says the host has another meeting in progress. That’s happened to me a few times.

It wasn’t letting me in either. @jhull :frowning: What’s going on?

Interesting…others were able to get in, perhaps if they chime in with how they got in we could figure out what’s going on.