Knives Out Analysis

I think so, yes. Which as a result gets Marta all wrapped up in his family even more than she signed up for.

By killing himself, now she’s involved with them beyond his death. She’s carrying the torch for him in the OS.

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I’ll skip your midpoint, since it seems like you weren’t quite sure of it.

Next driver: It’s decided that Marta gets the inheritance, forcing Marta to team-up with Ransom?

I’m confused here. Wasn’t the decision to give Marta the inheritance the first driver?

Frank Oz decides that his will is valid, presenting it to the whole family who go insane after and attack her, prompting her to leave.

Okay. Then some stuff happens…

Final Driver: Marta decides to keep the money?

Yeah. After the talk with Benoit she decides to keep it all.

One more question about your last driver. Benoit and Marta have a conversation. She asks “Should I help them?”. He says something to the effect of “You’ll make the right choice”.

Is she ever shown to make that choice?

After she looks at Harlan’s painting, they show her drinking from Harlan’s mug, wrapped in a cozy blanket in his house, on the balcony, while the entire family huddles in the driveway. There’s no dialogue but it’s pretty sure she is making the choice to claim the house and everyone knows it.

Fair enough. :slight_smile:

Since that’s the concluding driver that wraps up all the conflict in the story, if Marta said “Screw you, I’m keeping it” at the will reading that would’ve ended the conflict in the OS?

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Yep! If she had verbalized that, it’d match the look on her face and the way she drank from the cup.

I’m not sure her words would have been, “screw you, I’m keeping it. “So much as it would’ve been this is for the best. My mind is made up

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None of the things Ransom was still doing would have any effect on who gets the money?

Ransom was being carted off to prison by that point

Not at the will reading.

At the will reading he was quiet, letting it happen, watching the family explode and then offers Marta a ride. To put it simply, he was exerting his control of the situation the only way he could without just going crazy like the rest of them do

Right, but if she decided right then and there that she was keeping the money, would his actions be rendered inert or would he still have to be dealt with?

Harlan: “Marta gets the money”
Lawyer: “Marta gets the money”
Marta: “I get the money”

Do any of those decisions stop Ransom from trying to get the inheritance back?

So that driver is about the decision that she gets the money, which forces her to flee.

The next driver is about her making the decision.
She spends that whole last act deliberating, but it’s not like that’s one long driver.
Same way if the driver were an action, her running around with Ransom isn’t one long driver.

At that point, it would be impossible for Marta to make that decision, structurally, right?

Frank Oz deciding the will is valid —> Marta deciding to keep it.

Two decisions.

Which btw, fleeing instead of sticking around in the face of that news totally demonstrates her being an active Be-er. Dodging taking action.

Maybe. But if the rebels blew up the Death Star at the end of the second act that would change the course of the story, right?

If Marta decided to keep the money at the end of the second act, would it change the course of the story?

Hypothetically if it was a different story, yes. But we can’t go around sliding things around. The rebels weren’t in a position to blow up the Death Star at that point. They were on it, trying to escape.

I find it helps not to look at the story linearly, but as one thing happening all at once.