May - Workshop Prompt #2

I figured I should move this to it’s own thread, so it would be easier to spot the prompt.

When you post your story start your own thread under the Workshop Category
Title it something like
Short Story Prompt #2 - TITLE
That way we can each get feedback without it being in a huge thread.

You have the entire month to submit your workshop piece.

Word length:1500 (or at least try to hit that).

So the prompt for this month is: Act two concentrates on “engaging in a physical activity” (Doing) and is explored in terms of Appraisal, Reappraisal, Doubt, and Investigation.
Based on this random Storyform rolled by @museful

I ask that you give feedback on as many other stories as you receive from other participants. This should be a very quid pro quo kind of a thing. If you are NOT submitting a story, please feel free to comment anyway, or ask questions or whatever. This is for everyone to learn from.

Let us know any decisions you made for your story or scene based on Dramatica.

If I’m missing any directions, let me know and I’ll add them.

Yikes, a whole Story Form to play with…
That’s not for me.

I think I’ll have a crack at this Quad, but in the same way as the last; in isolation from other Dramatica considerations.

For me, the exercise is about a deep-dive into four elements without concerns of the other complexities of the system… The full story form vibe may support other people in the exercise, but for me and my OCD it would be game over.

Hope that’s OK if I go off-plan.
: )


You’re not going off plan at all! I am doing pretty much the same, but work has been slamming me so much this month that I haven’t had the chance to even think about a story. I look forward to reading your offering.