Meet The Fockers

I watched Meet the Fockers last night and it’s weird: the movie seems to have an IC but not an MC.

Is there a reason you wouldn’t say Greg was the MC?
Edit: I just realised I’m thinking of meet the parents

Yes, exactly. In the sequel (Meet the Fockers) there are a bunch of conflicts floating around (Parents have to meet and get along, don’t tell them I’m pregnant, etc) but it’s not like the first one.

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From vague memory it wasn’t great. It would have been cool if they’d made the de Niro character a clear MC but instead it’s like they kept the audience identified with Greg but really he has very little story in the sequel…

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Yes! Exactly. They wanted us with Greg but didn’t give him an MC role, and De Niro wasn’t the MC either.


And I kept waiting and watching for it to be great … leaving a lesson learned about too much complication.