Miss Sherlock, the Japanese TV series

I saw the first episode, and it was rather clever and a fun watch. The subtitles went seamlessly, It probably helped that I [with my 5 tutors] took a year of Japanese 18 years ago, so I was comfortable with the cultural expressions and gestures. I was shocked to read, later, that this was the first time the Sherlock/Watson were women. It worked so well, that’s hard to grasp. I wonder if the episodes are full storyforms or tales. Does anyone else watch it?

I’m slowly working my way through episode two. I wonder if Watson’s traditional support place in the story is partially taken by the first detective, [Lastrade’s].

Where a re you watching it?

I have lost how I found it and how to record it, several times. Not everything seems to be available, easily, on my cable box system (my fault not theirs). I, finally, made it a ‘favorite’ and when I press the word xfinity on my remote control, words shows up on the screen. I click on ‘saved’, then scroll over to ‘favorites’. This has been the only way to make sure I don’t lose access to it. It is on HBOasia, but I don’t have that channel when I bring up the guide listing channels, at least not that I can see. I can’t remember what convoluted journey I was on when I found the show, originally.

Sounds like learning Dramatica!

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I just noticed on an episode’s credits, HBO Original Asia so maybe that’s the production company,

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My quarantine discovery: Miss Sherlock is exceptionally well done in acting, writing, directing, editing, and production. And the characters you meet in each episode: maybe only someone who took (even only a year of) Japanese can fully appreciate personalities that seem to echo history. It’s amazing how it turns on a subtle razor’s edge to more excitement and depth. Talk about the qualities of understatement. I remember from mystery writing workshops someone very successful saying that the audience wants to figure it out. It’s an amazing feat to keep an audience guessing while … you get the drift. )

I wonder if each episode is a tale or an incomplete storyform, with the whole being a complete storyform. I wonder if an incomplete storyform is automatically a tale. Or is a tale just one quad of a storyform, not more?