My new Favorite Quad: The Equation of Mental Relativity and the essence of Self Awareness

I was reading this article by Melanie Anne Philips and I found this:

All the variables are labeled “E” to express the holistic, homogenous nature of our perceived universe as a whole. Yet, each stands for a different word: a different kind of variable.

The initial E refers to Existence. The second E is Emptiness. The third E stands for Entropy. The fourth E is Extropy.

Quoted from the article.

I believe this quad can help us approximate a more holistic appreciation of the Dramatic Theory of Story in General.

I’ve been trying to approximate the story appreciations and these are some of the equivalents I’ve come up with, none of this is conclusive but I like the potential it holds:

Here: the domain is counterbalanced by the issue and the Concern is counterbalanced by the problem

Domain (the existence equivalent would be): The Setting/Boundary

Concern (the entropy or movement towards down towards stability would be) Involvement

Issue: (the emptiness or vacuum of this would be) Harmony

Problem: (the extropy growing up towards complexity would be) complicator

Instead of the current linear appreciations, in the future we could have:

Domain - Setting/Boundary

Concern: Involvement

Issue: Harmony

Problem: Complicator


In the future we could also have something like:

Equity - inequity
complicator - simplifier - an approximation of the relationship between extropy (moving up towards complexity and entropy - moving down towards stability.)
problem - solution

This is sort of going over my head here. Do you mean giving new names to these, or are you proposing new quads entirely?

Both ways can potentially work

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