Netflix’s Living With Yourself

Has anyone seen this show yet? And if so, thoughts on whether it has a complete storyform?

Couldn’t make it past the first episode. Really negative, but I heard it gets better.

@jhull Negative? Maybe you need to go to the Happy Day Spa for a treatment. You’ll see the world in a new way.

I’m two episodes in.

It seems like it is laying the necessary bricks for a GAS, in that there is a clear Situation character, a separate Be-er and has private moments with characters that indicate a divide between the OS and subjective throughlines.

I don’t know that it will continues to play out that way…

I won’t say it gets better because I liked the first episode. But I will say that the first episode is kind of a downer. I think it’s because it follows one character who is kind of a downer throughout. But I got used to it.

@MWollaeger if you finish it, I’d like to know what you think. It’s interesting that you say a be-er character and not Mind because the character I would point to for that doesn’t have a problem that I caught that I could easily name in gist form. But I still kind of want to think that there’s something there.

I haven’t watched it, but heard some good things. It’s supposed to be nasty weather here for the next few days and I’m almost caught up with everything I want to watch.

If you think it’s worth a watch I’ll definitely give it a whirl.

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I definitely enjoyed it. I’m still pondering everything, but I want to say it has a storyform. But like I said, I would have a hard time pointing to the Mind problem at the moment. Maybe a rewatch is in order. It’s similar to how I felt about Train to Busan where i thought it seemed like it wanted to have a complete storyform but thought maybe some things were lacking, and yet you guys seemed to work one out.

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Sold! I’ll let you know when I get through it. Don’t feel like you need to wait in me though.

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Though Netflix productions can be hit or miss, I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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By negative, I mean the direction was atrocious, the score grating, and Rudd’s character unlikable.

There’s a way to do this kind of story right (Eternal Sunshine), and that first episode wasn’t it.

But like I said, I heard it gets better :grin:

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Honestly, the be-ing is a bit hard to point to. (Lousy attitude? Goes to change himself…)

I’m keeping an open mind as to what it might turn out to be. (If it does.)

But, hey, you and I are just alike was never simpler!


Keeping an open mind too. But from the first episode -

  • killing the fly
  • punching the lightbulb
  • grabs the ax / screwdriver

I tend to do this a lot, but I’m now thinking I might like a different setup for throughlines than I’ve previously looked at. I’m not going to go any further just yet, but I’m wondering if I’ve made a snap judgment on where they should be before the season was over and it’s kept me from seeing where things should go. I’ll be interested to see which way you see things, Glenn

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Ha! Forgot all about those.

I should stop watching shows at 2am.


I have a hunch on domains, but waiting until I finish. This might be a nice way to think of it though, what does new Miles have that old Miles doesn’t? :grin:

Well, this was a fast watch (nice when the episodes are all under 30 mins :slight_smile:).

Think I’ll need to let it settle in my head a bit.

Still feel confident about domains. Think there’s enough to get the dynamics down. Not sure about issues and elements though, but I guess that’s the point of the discussion.

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I’ve watched only one more episode. (I purposefully don’t know how many there are, but there can’t be so many if you’ve finished.)

I made the classic blunder: putting a character in a domain based on an initial read of their “definition” and not how they try to solve their problems.

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I had a fair amount of downtime today. Haha.

I won’t give you the number of episodes, but it’s definitely not a network tv season.

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That was fast! Hope you liked it. Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll throw out what I was trying to go with first and what im looking at now. I’m glad Mike made his comment because I think maybe we did the same thing, but we shall see.

I liked it overall.

I agree with @jhull on the score and direction, although it does get better. :smile: I didn’t get an Eternal Sunshine vibe though.

Some of the improv bugged me, but that’s typical for modern comedy, it seems.

I think Dramatica User Group procedure is always a good way to go forward on an analysis. I think it’s going to be important to establish consensus on throughlines and dynamics before we jump into domains. (Plus it buys us time for @MWollaeger to finish :smile:)

Did you want to take a stab at naming the four throughlines?

Let’s try to avoid spoilers and if we have to bring something up, clearly mark them. :+1:

For anyone that didn’t know, there’s an option under the gear icon to make a hide details block, like so…


Rosebud was dead the whole time!