Netflix’s Living With Yourself

Had no idea about this function!

I know! I was so excited when I found it just now. :joy:

More Spoilers

Rosebud in a mirror reads “Murder”

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It’s definitely not a great show, but there’s been so little I’ve enjoyed lately that when I find something I do like, I get really excited. And totally agree about the comedy.

So I think within the first episode or two I had decided that everyone was dysfunctional (Psychology), new Miles was a clone (Universe), Miles and Kate were trying to have a baby (Physics), and old Miles had an attitude about something (seems like I had something in mind for this, or thought that something was going to happen to illustrate it, don’t really remember now, but it didn’t seem to play out).

When i started the thread, what bothered me was that I couldn’t pinpoint anything for Miles’ attitude. Anything I came up with seemed more like Psychology. But then yesterday it hit me that ‘living with yourself’ wasn’t just describing internal elements because New Miles is an external being. And when I started thinking about the conflict everyone has, it seemed to start with New Miles and/or revolve around him. And if that meant an OS of Universe which frees up Psychology for the MC.

I was going to try to rewatch the first episode for clues about that alignment but didn’t get a chance to do so yet.

I hear you on all of that. I did like it, I just have some personal peeves. :grin:

Let’s take a step back though and see if we can agree on what the throughlines are.

How do you feel about:

OS: Reconciling there being two Miles
MC: Miles
IC: New Miles
RS: The Marriage / Competitive Clones

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It seems like you’re doing a lot of context switching so that’s why I want to get a consensus on throughlines and dynamics.

I think it’s really important to have a baseline so we know we’re in the same page.

For the most part, yeah.

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Awesome. It was kind of hard to encapsulate the OS, but I think that’s a good starting point.

How about resolve? Does Miles end up like New Miles or does he stay the same?

DANGER! Spoilers are probably going to start flying! Stop now if you haven’t seen the show!

I’m going to have to stop reading until I’m finished.

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Sorry, I meant to reply to you directly Greg.

What are your thoughts on resolve? I feel pretty good about changed. What are your thoughts?

Yeah, I agree. I think he changes at the end.

What about problem solving?

I’d say Linear.
If my wife finds out about the money, I’ll be in trouble.
If I don’t have to go to work, I can finish my play.


Be-er. He wants to be a better him. Doesn’t find out any details about the procedure, just lets it happen to him.

I’m going to say do-er. Every time things aren’t going his way he breaks things, screams. He steals the money from the joint account. He tries to kill New Miles. He hides instead of doing the meeting. He tells tells new Miles he’s going to kill the presentation.

Remember, it’s not about what the problem is, but how he works it out.

He doesn’t seem like he’s making any strides to change his depression internally.

On the reverse side, Miles doesn’t have new Miles charisma, confidence, passion, attentiveness or sweetness.

Does that feel right to you?

What problem is this addressing?

Could he have addressed this problem just by talking to Miles, regardless of what he said? Or was the supportiveness of what he was saying how he was trying to address that? Seems to me like being supportive by telling NM he’ll kill it is an internal effort.

I’m miserable.

I could start meditating, go to a therapist to work through my emotions, I could put on a happy face.

Wait! There’s a place that will fix this for me? I don’t have to deal with my emotions or look inside myself for an answer? I just go there, give them money, and they fix it? Sweet!

I’m going to need money though. I guess I could talk to my wife, put on the charm, maybe cook up a good lie. Nah, I’ll just take it and hope it works out.

Ah, now there’s someone in my house that I don’t know. I could stay calm, I could pretend I’m in control, intimidate the guy or I could grab an ax and swing at the first person I see.

Crap. My clone is better at being me than I am. I could try to be more like him. Or I can knock over his matchstick Eiffel tower and do his presentation better than him to show him who’s boss.

Now they’re presenting my clones pitch to the town. I can bite my tongue, pretend I like it and be supportive or I can go hide and yell heckles from the crowd.

Miles does both doing and being, but his preference is always to take external action before looking inward for solutions.

Your saying the problem he’s addressing by getting the money is going to the spa? How is that his problem? Why does he need to go to the spa? What is it he believes the spa will do for him, and why does he want that done?

I’m saying it’s a problem. Approach is about the preference to solve problems internally or externally.

This largely irrelevant. It’s not a question of what the problem is, but how he works through it.

The question is, is going to a strip mall and giving money to strangers to fix you an example of internalizing a problem?

Like Mike mentioned above:

And I’m saying, in a structural sense, going to the spa is not a problem but an attempt to address a problem. That there’s something larger that that scene is about than going to the spa.

Is the scene saying he needs a day at the spa and going to retrieve money is his means of addressing that? Or, when you think about all the things that happen in this scene combined with what we find out in later scenes, that his problem is that he isn’t the fun story-telling Miles that he used to be? If the latter, isn’t the scene saying that to address not being fun Miles, he tries to find a way to be the best Miles?

I have to get up early, so I’ll have to pick this up in the morning.

I think you’re still caught on thinking about domains, so maybe it will help to just address that.

Miles is a change character, so does he change from a Mind perspective to a Universe perspective or from a Universe perspective to a Mind perspective?

Does he think his life sucks or his attitude sucks?

Does he shift towards New Miles situation or New Miles attitude?

I’ll pick it up in the morning. Having fun so far. :thumbsup: