Netflix’s Living With Yourself

Out of curiosity, where do you see the change taking place? Heads up, I assume you’ll use the spoiler function, but I’ve never figured out how to use it on my phone and won’t have access to my computer during the day tomorrow so likely won’t be able to discuss in detail.

I think he’s a guy that goes from being so focused on his world (his dead end job, bosses not submitting him for awards, not making progress on his play, having all this promise slip away) to someone who finds happiness by caring and being there.

But, I think we’re hitting a snag on approach. Let’s just leave it and Mike can throw in his 2 cents once he’s done.

I say we skip to some easy stuff to keep the momentum up.

Outcome and judgement. What do you think and why?


ill say success/good. The two Miles’ have worked things out in the end as seen when old Miles revives new Miles and they hug it out in the floor and he’s happy about the baby.

Totally agree. I think the group hug is really important and it’s the resolution of the OS.

It might be important for the rest of the dynamics to try to get some general idea (in plain English, not Dramatica) of what the goal is and who is pursuing it.

[details=Spoilers]I feel like the goal is for the clone to find a place in the world and New Miles is the protagonist.

The limit is all the things he can try:

  • Leaving
  • Tag teaming with old Miles
  • Getting a clone wife
  • Seducing the wife
  • Getting rid of old Miles
  • Killing himself

What are your thoughts? The story is really small so the throughlines kind of bleed together.

It probably doesn’t help that they probably didn’t want everything to feel completely resolved so they’d have something to do in a 2nd season. But yeah. That all sounds pretty good. What about drivers?

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This is a blind spot for me, and I’m having trouble thinking of examples, but I’d say action.

  • Miles surviving the gas creates the inequity
  • New Miles making the great pitch
  • Revealing there are two Miles at the party
  • Winning the vote
  • The pregnancy/Group hug



The equipment malfunction kicks it off and the announcement of the pregnancy wraps it up.

Awesome. Before we take a swing at domains do you have any strong feelings in growth?

I feel like it’s start.


He’s always avoiding the things he should be doing (play/fertility clinic/work). He needs to step up and start doing things.

I know you can argue that he needs to stop putting things on the back burner. So if you don’t have a strong feeling we can skip it.

Blind spot. But yeah I’d say it feels more like a hole in the heart story than a chip on the shoulder. There’s something missing and he needs to start stepping out, or stepping up.

I think it’s most people’s blind spot, but glad we both feel strong on start.

I know you were bouncing around a bit on domains. Want to take a swing?

Let’s at least compare notes for now. I already laid out what I was looking at. How are you seeing them?

I think you had it right, you just had the MC and IC swapped. The reason you were having trouble making a Mind argument is because it’s not in the MC domain.

I’ll argue all four at once


OS - Psychology
Most of the conflict and humor comes from dysfunctional people, scheming and the comedy of errors stuff.

  • The Korean guys at the spa putting on an act
  • Coming up with the pitch
  • Convincing the evil business-man /town
  • The completely dysfunctional FDA agents (I hated this part, but it’s part of the story)
  • Trying to integrate New Miles into everything.
  • New / Old Miles passing themselves off as one person.

MC - Universe

  • Stuck in a job he hates
  • Not making progress on his play
  • His marriage is on the rocks.
  • Company isn’t supporting him / Not getting recognition
  • Generally hates where he is in life

IC - Mind
New Miles challenges Miles by being a better version of him, but not physically.

  • He has a great attitude.
  • He knows all of Miles stories and can tell them with confidence
  • He’s attentive and considerate
  • He can win people over with his charm and enthusiasm
  • He is full of love for his wife (to the point of obsession)

The last point is really important. Miles feels trapped in his life (Universe). New Miles is hung up mentally (Mind)

RS - Physics

All the things that push the relationships apart or pull them together are activites

  • Stealing money from the joint account
  • Not going to the Clinic
  • Cooking dinner
  • Bad Sex / Good Sex
  • Changing the play
  • Doing / Not doing the Rick James dance
  • Who does what with the wife.

That gives you start and do-er (which I know you aren’t necessarily on board with).

Yeah, I’m seeing things a little differently. Might be good to see what Mike thinks at this point.

@MWollaeger, no spoilers in this post. What’s your progress? Still watching? and if so, think you’ll be able to add your thoughts soon, or should we forge on without?

You might need to message him directly. He’s probably avoiding this thread like the plague until he finishes.

Where are you seeing domains?

Sorry for the absence, crazy day yesterday. I’m going to try to rewatch a few parts again just
To see if anything changes when I consider a few other options.

No problem. Take your time and let me know what you find. :thumbsup: I hope all is well.

I just finished the program.

I’m curious what you have come up with. Off to read now…

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A really good habit to get into early is stating why you think someone has changed.
While maybe you think it’s clear, how did he start? What has he changed to? How do you know?

I see you pick this up later when you disagree, but when laying the first pegs, it’s a good way to ensure things don’t go immediately off.

This is a funny example of Jim’s theory that hug=Relationiship, because it’s all three of them.

Yes. I was simply not clicking on the thread.

So, this started out like many shows I’ve seen recently: a good, promising set-up and then a meh ending.

First question: do you feel like the story resolved? I don’t.

So that makes me wonder if we are going to find a satisfying storyform. We may. But then I think it’s going to indicate something else was off.

Anyway, I want to start back here:

I think this is too casual of a way to express the OS, and I think it’s affecting how the Domains were chosen.

What is going on in the OS? Is everyone trying to reconcile there being two Miles? (Is his boss?)

I would say that the OS is more like: The fact that there are two Miles disrupts everything from Top Happy Spa, to the Advertising Agency, to the marriage.


Here’s where I left off. But when I start trying to switch things and start looking at too many options the pinwheel starts spinning and then it won’t stop.