Netflix’s The Highwaymen

I’m less than 30 minutes into Netflix’s The Highwaymen and already have a pretty good idea of where I think Domains and Concerns are. Not as sure below that, of course, but I have a guess or two. It’s setting up to have a good storyform, keeping my fingers crossed it’ll play out.

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Was wondering what you thought of this? I enjoyed it for sure, but I’m a fan of the era…

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Shortly after I posted that, my wife and kids got home and I had to turn it off, but I can’t wait to get back to it. Love the time frame, subject matter, actors, all of it. Really hoping the story isn’t a let down. Going to watch it in its entirety tonight with my wife and will come back.

Finished it. Loved it.

Do you think there’s enough for a storyform?

Still kind of working that out. I tried to clear my head of Dramatica on the second watch. I knew the ideas I had from the first 1/2 hour could change and a lot of them did as they didn’t come across as strong in later parts.

The opening scene was Bonnie busting Clyde out and going on the run. This forced the governor to hire an ex TX ranger. So either Physics (busting out) or Universe (criminals on the loose).

And then they go ask Hamer to come back to the Rangers followed by him being too old and unpracticed to shoot the bottles (ok, putting a pin in Universe for ‘too old’).

And then Gault wanted to pull his weight, and I think there was something mentioned about a previous addiction to alcohol. That sounded like a nice Mind throughline.

And then Gault wants to be Hamers partner, but Hamer doesn’t seem thrilled about it. Rs Becoming?

But then I didn’t see as much as I’d have liked about Hamer dealing with being old-he did say he was carrying 16 bullets around, which I think works-and I don’t recall Gault really dealing with Mind again, though I may just not have caught it since I was trying to stay away from Dram on the 2nd watch. What I did catch was that he kept going to pee a lot, and one of those times allowed them to find B&C.

There was a you and I are alike moment.

But the biggest problem is I got distracted a little before the big shootout and just after so I Couldn’t say what, if any, change there was! (Will definitely be correcting that soon)

Anyway, I was hoping some others might chime in too.

So I’m thinking I don’t see enough for a storyform. Maybe that explains why I’ve heard people who like it also say it has some slow parts? What are your thoughts, Mr Hull?

Here they are:

My analysis of The Highwaymen

In short, I agree with you…

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It’s too bad too. That first half hour seemed to be setting up a story every bit as rich and meaningful as Shawshank. If they had just delivered on the promise of the premise (not the Save the Cat version-in fact, having the shootout probably was a STC version of the promise of the premise) it could have been an instant classic.

I can’t help but wonder now how an old has been drunk might have shown Frank Hamer how to take a new perspective on dealing with a tough as nails, yet slow and bullet ridden body, or how an aging Hamer might have stood his ground until an addicted Gault found a new addiction in life itself and how that would have turned out for all of them.

Well, at least it was entertaining.