Newbie and podcasts

Hi all,

I am just starting out with Dramatica and my mind is already blown by the scope and structured potential it appears to offer.

I was listening to ep20 snd 21 of Narrative First about the 8 dynamic questions of Dramatica and found them really useful when out walking the dog, but then they stopped abruptly. Did they ever restart? Or can anyone tell me any sources that I can use in tandem with reading the book?
Kindest regards

Hi @Mick, welcome!

I don’t remember if Jim circles back to the 8 dynamic questions or not, but I did find his entire podcast to be extremely useful in learning Dramatica. I’m not sure if he intends to start it up again, but you can find ongoing education from him in the Subtext writer’s room if you can swing a subscription.

Jim also has a tremendous number of articles on Narrative First which are useful. I think he collected a bunch into book form a few years ago, so you could read that. For analysis, you can listen to the Dramatica user’s group podcasts.

Once you start writing, I highly recommend Dramatica for Screenwriters – it’s the best practical introduction (indispensable in my opinion) to understand how to apply the theory (not just for screenwriters).

Finally, use the search feature on these boards, and then come back with specific questions on things that need clarification. Good luck!

Thanks Lakis, that is most helpfully.

I will start the Narrative First podcasts from the beginning and check out the other resources. :blush:

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Welcome, @Mick

There’s also the first 7 episodes of Writing With Subtext that you might find useful if you can’t quite swing a subscription at this moment.

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I had to look back and see what was going on there…it looks like I was going to get back to basics and go over Dynamics when I made that leap forward about PRCO/Scene Construction…then I got distracted by building Subtext, and fast-forward four years still no Plot Dynamics :sweat_smile:

I really really want to get back to doing the podcast, but right now I wanna make sure Subtext is as stable as I can make it - hopefully in January (when I plan to pick up the Writing w/ Subtext class as well).

Glad you found Dramatica and are enjoying the material!

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Thanks Diane,
I’ve already watched the first one and am looking forward to the rest.
Have a great day.
Kindest regards,

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Of course, what @jassnip meant to do was a leave a link directly to the course in Subtext :slight_smile:

(P.S. not sure what’s going on with the last episode, will figure it out shortly…)

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply. Of course, no problems with the podcast episodes, perfectly understandable. Subtext looks great. I am watching the YouTube episodes and it is very interesting to see you guys in action on a WiP.

Kindest regards,

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Of course, I did. You mean I didn’t?