Quote from Jim Butcher

So, not to name drop, really. But I have a friend who is friends with Jim Butcher. Some days we discuss writerly type things.

Today’s lovely quote from J.B.

“Campbell was a poser.” and “The Hero’s Journey is f*cking useless.”


EPIC!!! And this is so weird! I’m currently reading the entire series for the first time. Amazing stuff. On Dead Beat atm.

Cool, thanks for sharing Diane! Love Jim Butcher.

I’m about halfway through, and have never tried to find storyforms, but he definitely seems to stick in lower-left quad territory. (lots of Logic/Feeling and Conscience/Temptation for sure)

Funny though, although Dresden is his most popular stuff, his fantasy series that starts with Furies of Calderon is even better IMO. (Series is called Codex Alera, had to look up the name.) It starts small and becomes as epic as Lord of the Rings. Trust me. :slight_smile:

His steampunk type book, Aeronaut’s Windlass, was super awesome too. Great characters. Sadly it’s taking a LONG time for the sequel to come out, so you may want to wait on that.

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Not sure if it’s the series you’re waiting for but I think he’s having 2-4 releases this year. I just remember an interview with him saying there was stuff coming out almost on top of each other. So check release dates.


When Joseph Campbell wrote his anthropological papers describing commonalities he found in different cultures telling their myths, he really should have known that someone like Vogler would come along and use that description as a cookie-cutter template to prescribe how to write stories.
What a poser.

Jim Butcher on the other hand, the guy who (according to himself) only found his footing in writing after playing into formulaic, cookie-cutter writing, is truly a hero with at least two faces.

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Codex Alera is bae! I love that series to death. Tavi, Araris, the Canim, oh my what a great series. Need to revisit the books again sometime before the year runs out.

I think the storyforms for those would be easy to dial out.

Don’t know why though, but I’m not as pumped for Rhythm of War in the stormlight series, but I know once I start reading it, I’m done. :grin:

Yeah. Two books in the Dresden Files. Peace Talks … That’s all I can say. Peace Talks… He knew what he did, and why he HAD to release the follow-up.

I am a huge fan of Jim Butcher’s work. I’ve read everything he’s published, including his most recent release.



This is so hype!

Hopefully, we might see a DUG breakdown of one of the books in the series.

Great stuff, Chris.