Revisiting Fight Club - The Analysis

Searching through old emails, I stumbled across a storyform for Fight Club that someone sent into Chris. It’s actually quite compelling, and way off from what I would’ve thought would be the right one…

Right now it appears as a “broken” storyform (Fight Club) which has always been weird to me. It was originally scheduled for the Dramatica Users Group meeting on 9/11/01 so…it was a bit hard to concentrate that day. I vaguely remember us having difficulty choosing between the Main Character and Influence Character perspectives (especially given the nature of the story), but beyond that can’t think back to what else was discussed. My notes are virtually blank for that day.

…so whaddya say we do it in here? :smile:

Throughlines first.

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I thought the first rule of Fight Club was that we didn’t talk about Fight Club.


I’ll try to watch it again, but could be a while before I get a chance. I’ve got three kids who’ve been couped up for too long and they’ve taken over the television.

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