Scrivener Dramatica Template


Here is a template you can use to develop your scene outline based on a complete storyform in Dramatica. I am using it myself to prepare the outline for my first drafts.

The template is especially useful to focus on only one individual throughline at the time during prep. Just use the search function inside scrivener and filter by “Titel” as below:

To edit one complete throughline just select all notes in the binder.

Dropbox Download - You need Scrivener 2+ to use this template.


Thanks @Gernot for sharing. Been using OmniOutliner with a few modifications for mine. Bless you.

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Thanks Khodu, OmniOutline is also a good idea, works much better mobile or on the phone and when you are traveling.


This looks great Gernot, Many thanks for working this out and sharing. Still not quite sure how to get it into the Scrivener programme but will keep trying. Even if I can’t, the screenshots are helpful.


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Just open the file in Scrivener like a normal file and it should work.

Another option is OmniOutliner as mentioned by Khodu

Download Template 4 OmniOutliner

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Thanks Gernot - I have lift off!

Dear Gernot, could you share your Scrivener Dramatica Template again? The link your provided at dropbox does not work anymore.

I really would like to use your template. Thanks!

I had to rebuild my dropbox account a while ago and dont have access to my local files right now.

But you could build the structure by yourself. Just create for each Storyline, Goal and Signpost (OS - Storyline, OS - Goal, OS Titel …) a text note - thats it.

I used this template 2 years ago mainly for planning my stories: brainstorming, plotting, and outlining.

A better solution for the planning part today is Subtext. With Subtext you plan and build your story directly with a Dramatica storyform. As a result you have a treatment in Subtext which you can use in Scrivener to start writing your story.

Subtext its not free of charge, but if you spent a lot of time with your stories, its worth to have a look at it.

I looked at subtext website and watched the walkthrough videos with Diane and Jim Hull. However, for some reason subtext as interesting as it looks did not click with me yet. Hence, I will stick with Dramatica Pro for Windows and Scrivener for now. What I will do is to use the information you post here about scrivener and Dramatica. Thanks for your response!

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I restored the file from my backup system. You can download the file here.

I can’t change my old entry above as it has been already archived.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciated you re-posting your Scrivener Template.

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