Software for Outlining Dramatica Stories

That’s where they are okay. :slight_smile: Perhaps you could have Armando insert a note in the Kindle version of his book, so that the procedure options that apply to the versions of Dramatica would be a match with his jump-start approach to Dramatica. Alternatively, add a small section to this site, and include a short YouTube video.

As an aside: Would it be possible to include a section on this site for Outline 4D which is a very useful application that gets little attention.

No - but you are free to write about it here in the Technology category if you have a specific way of using it with Dramatica, or with your writing, etc. As long as it doesn’t veer too far away from Dramatica I won’t kill it off.

I used to love Outline 4D (when it was called StoryView) and loved how you could write the screenplay right there from within the outline. Unfortunately when I made the switch to Mac, it didn’t come along. Hopefully there will be a Mac version someday somehow!

Right now I use OmniOutliner to help outline things.

Okay. Thanks for that. I’m working through Eric Rohmer’s Pauline at the Beach, before working through his other “comedies and proverbs” movies. 4D will be handy for laying out the outline, and Dramatica can be applied to the analysis part.