Short video trailer using drmatica

Hi guys,
Hope you all are doing great!
I was wondering if I could use Dramatica to design a short video trailer for a web series that I intend to pitch.
I was wondering, if I could use the short story format of taking a quad and exploring the elements as in the PRCO/ TKAD
Has anybody got success using it? I would love to hear your comments, opinions experiences.
Since, I am not a native english speaker and the esoteric Dramatica language often challenges me. If you could please, reply to this post in plain english.

I think many movie trailers have been made by establishing the domains. Here is the Protagonist. Here are some obstacles and the antagonist. Here is the MC. Here is the IC. Here is the Relationship.

I don’t know if they ever follow a short story quad. I don’t think so, because they do not feel resolved.

What language do you speak?

Thank you for your reply. I speak Hindi, an Indian language.

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