Subtext Free Trial?

Will Subtext offer Free Trials anytime soon?

For those who utilize the application, which features do you most enjoy? Quite interested!

Well, according to the website : “One could conceivably sign up, develop a story in a couple of days, then cancel without supporting the service…so, yeah. No trial.

What I love most are the Gists : you can go to the element / variation / domain page you want, get the Dramatica definition as well as how the element interact with the others in the quad, and you get storytelling points changing said element into something workable for your story. I use it all the time.


Thanks for the reply @Rachel_Blot. Makes sense. I just wanted to tinker with the features between each plan and decide on which option best suits me.

Convenience and efficiency. Well, I think you’ve sold me. Subtext, you’re mine!


Yeah, geez, try it for a month. It’s not like going to prison for life.