Subtext’s Holistic Appreciations

I’ve recently started watching/reading the new holistic appreciation videos/articles – mainly because one of my new projects felt like it was more holistic than linear – the main character is trying to find balance in his life rather than solving problems. It never felt like that my change MC was switching from problem to solution, rather than just slightly adjusting.

What I’ve watched and read so far sounds really interesting – however, as someone that learns better with examples, I still find the new appreciations confusing and would appreciate some help getting my head around it.

I’m struggling with the new terms – condition, adjustment, resistance, flow.

With a change character, how does the condition and adjustment connect? Let’s take two elements. Desire and Ability. With linear, it’s easier to work out in regards to problem and solution. Driven by Desire – flick switch – now they are driven by Ability. It’s easier to visualise. However, in regards to holistic – I’m not too sure how a condition of Desire is adjusted by ability. How does that look? I’m pretty sure I’m not explaining myself that good, but if anyone had any practical examples of a change MC and how the condition is adjusted that would be amazing.

A better way to put it –two holistic minded films – Social network or There’s something about Mary. How would condition, adjustment, resistance and flow show itself via MC perspective in those films? I think if I can see practical examples of how it works I think I will be able to grasp it.

Social Network
Condition – Production
Adjustment – Reduction
Resistance – Re-evaluation
Flow – Evaluation

Something about Mary
Condition – Ability
Adjustment – Desire
Resistance – Inequity
Flow - Equity

As the Holistic Appreciations represent an off-shoot, or further development of Dramatica theory, their discussion is out-of-bounds here.

If you would like you can contact me directly with these questions, or I can answer them in more detail during the Writers Room.