Table of Scenes & every possible story point on a single page

@bobRaskoph Most of the layout I used was from the original ToS Generator. I advise the Throughine Names (OS, IS, MC, SS) across the top, as it is in my chart… then the domain of each throughline… then all the stuff in green (Issue, Counterpoint, Problem, etc, down to Benchmark.)

Additionally, is there a way you could format the Issue/Counterpoint on a single line as I have them (Self interest vs. Morality)? It’s a slightly better way to get the feel for the central conflict in each throughline.

After the green section, the stuff from the PSR, and finally, all the additional story points.

This is coming together very nicely, by the way!

You are very kind to be doing this at all, so I appreciate your efforts.

As it is now:

[quote=“Rod, post:21, topic:652”]
I advise the Throughine Names (OS, IS, MC, SS) across the top, as it is in my chart… then the domain of each throughline… then all the stuff in green (Issue, Counterpoint, Problem, etc, down to Benchmark.)[/quote]
I mean, I can do that, but I honestly wonder why you would want it in that Order? I understand OMIS and OSMI, but OIMS? Not sure… I mean, I could simply add an option to choose the order and the problem solves itself.

Yeah, I’ll change it to that.

It’s not an issue, really. That’s how it appears in my old ToS files that I have saved (from over 10 years ago). It’s up to you if you want to add the option to select the order, but I think it’s fine the way you’ve done it. :slight_smile:

By the way, it is looking FANTASTIC!

I suppose I could make one last request… Would it be possible to have the cell backgrounds a different color for the additional story points at the bottom? The color separation really makes the whole chart much more readable. The originals were all white and reading it was a nightmare.

So here’s what it looks like now, form included:

@bobRaskoph Perfect!

I’ve had to pick my jaw up from the floor several times, because of how quickly you’ve been able to do this. Absolutely incredible!

So, how/where can we access this marvelous tool?

Here’s a temporary way to access this tool. I’ll probably put it somewhere else in the near future. I hope that an HTML-table is good enough for now. I don’t know yet how I would turn this into an image/pdf or anything like that in javascript.

Right now, I’d like you to test it out with other Storyforms and see if it still works.

The story points work well, but the plot sequence report/scene table doesn’t work on Mac. I think because the format of the report may be slightly different from the PC version (we cannot export as a text file, for one): examplePSR.pdf (64.2 KB)

@bobRaskoph I’m experiencing a problem when using the generator from google drive… not all the Setups, Revelations, Conflicts, and Aftermaths are being filled in:

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@jamjam1794 @Rod
Could you both try it now? The problem seems to be entirely on the PSR side.

@bobRaskoph Still having the same problem here. Only the Revelations and Conflicts are showing up for all the Signposts 4. The rest are blank.

I have even less than Rod.

@bobRaskoph I think I’ve discovered the problem with missing Setup, etc…

The text files use underscores to represent the horizontal rules…

When I pasted the text files to these forums, I’m guessing the forum server converted those underscores to actual horizontal rules that don’t get copied when doing a simple Copy/Paste.

If you could PM me your email address, I can send you the 2 files as output by Dramatica. Hopefully you can include something to account for the underscores in the files:

I’d post the files here but the forum won’t let me post anything other than images or *.dr5 files.

@bobRaskoph The underscores appear in the following way, in the actual text files (in the PSR).:

Right after the OS paragraph, 2 blank lines, a line with 25 underscores, and then another blank line before the next section starts.

This happens 2 more times after the next 2 sections, but not after the last.

@Rod @jamjam1794
Before we’re sending text files through the intertubes, please try it once more. I think I found the error.

Your latest fix seems to have done the trick, even using the Dramatica generated PSR that contains those underscores…

This is exciting… This generator will save people a LOT of work.

I’m grateful for what you’ve done. Thank you!

The table still isn’t showing up for me.

A side note: I’m having to copy and paste from the program since the Mac App cannot export as text. I don’t know that it would make any difference, but I’m unsure how these things work.

@bobRaskoph One more thing I just noticed… There’s no way of saving the table or the information. I suppose I could use a Print to PDF driver to try to create a pdf output, but would it include the form in the pdf?

I wonder if the generator could have the chart pop up in a separate window where the form could be saved as a regular html file?

@jamjam1794 I wish I could offer some advice. I don’t have the mac version so I don’t know what you’re seeing in those reports on your system.

If your version has these options in the report screens (Vocabulary, Illustrations, Show Blank Lines), turn them all off and see if that helps. Make sure to select all the text in the report.

This is really cool! Not sure if I will use all the PSR-based info but it’s really neat to look at.

I have a question about the # of acts (bumps and slides), can someone explain this or point me to more info? I kind of understand it a little based on some scene creation stuff I read in Dramatica for Screenwriters, but not totally sure how it operates at this level.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that turning off illustrations on the reports is important, otherwise certain terms or characters in an illustration can mess up the parsing. Turning them off worked for me!

If you try it now, you should be able to right-click and save the table. Mac users will have to use an equivalent method.

I’m not sure where the problem might be. Could you send me a PM with the copied text of your PSR?