Table of Scenes & every possible story point on a single page

Thanks Bob. I was about to say you didn’t answer my question because I’d seen those resources before … except now I realize the dramatica website has a whole other section on Act Transitions that isn’t in the PDF copy of the book!

That section is exactly what I was missing – thank you.

Is there anything in the Dramatica software (like a report) that specifically tells you the type of act transitions, or are you guys just figuring them out yourself based on the Quads?

The latter. If you consider the quad like this:
0 1
2 3
then it’s pretty easy to determine whether an act transition is a bump or a slide: if the numbers add up to 3, it’s a slide (as in, a transition within a dynamic pair); otherwise it’s a bump. The Table of Scenes Generator does it this way.

@ Everyone: If this tool works for you, you can simply save the HTML page on your computer. It doesn’t require an internet connection to work, and all the necessary code is in the HTML-file. I hope this tool can support some of your endeavors.

@bobRaskoph I found another issue. Right-clicking and saving the image seems to cut off several rows from the bottom, at least for me:

Also, the generator won’t work for me at all in Firefox, only in Chrome. Haven’t Tried IE or Microsoft Edge

Pressing the submit button in firefox doesn’t generate the chart, but just widens the margin of the text fields a bit.

Just tested it in IE (Windows 10) and it won’t work for me there, either. I can’t test Microsoft Edge because it doesn’t seem to want to start, for whatever reason.

So far, it only works in Google Chrome for me, but cuts off the bottom rows of the additional story points.

Edit: It does generate a blank image in Firefox… not sure why it isn’t picking up the actual data.

Also, is there a way I can choose to save the table as either HTML or as an image? Being able to save it as HTML would allow me to add in some of the definitions (I like to have them in, for reference).

I doubt that I’ll get it to work in IE any time soon.
But now you should be able to download an HTML-file in Firefox and Chrome. In Chrome you should still be able to save the table as an image.

The HTML of the file is compressed. You might want to use a different tool to make it more readable.

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@bobRaskoph I am thoroughly convinced that you are some kind of magical wizard.

The amount of time from when I asked about being able to save as HTML, to the point when it became available… was impossibly short… I have no idea how you made those changes so quickly, but I graciously bow to your technical prowess.

Thank you, for all that you have done. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

I’m extremely pleased with your work.

Well, I did say “it wouldn’t take me too long to do a little javascript magic” so there’s that.

Anyway, I’m glad that it’s useful to you. And thank you for the compliments.

@bobRaskoph You’re welcome. You deserve the compliments.

When you said it wouldn’t take long, I didn’t imagine you meant that it would go from prototype to completion in… just over 24 hours? lol…

It’s definitely useful. It can do what I did manually, in a split second instead of many hours. An extreme time saver!

@bobRaskoph I noticed an error in MY list of Variations and their supporting elements. For Preconception I only listed Control, Uncontrolled. The other 2 elements should be Help, Hinder.

I’ve corrected this in my local copy of the HTML file, but you may wish to correct it in your version so that others get the fully correct version.

My apologies. I typed the whole list manually, so I must have gotten distracted for a moment.

Just wondering if the script works for reports from the Mac version of Dramatica yet?

@jamjam1794 told me that it worked for him.
I don’t own the Mac version of Dramatica, so I can’t easily test this for myself.

I suggest you try it out. If it doesn’t work, I will try to fix it.

Hi @bobRaskoph. Just curious if you saw my earlier post in this topic regarding my mistake of leaving 2 elements out, in my listing of the Variations and their corresponding elements…

Yeah, I fixed that, but didn’t mention it because it was just a minor thing.

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Hi @bobRaskoph,

It’s not working for me, but perhaps I’m doing something wrong? I copy-paste the Story Points Output and Plot Sequence from Dramatica into the relevant fields, but when I click Submit, nothing happens (I tried on both Safari and Chrome on the Mac.)

I’ll DM you text files of the contents.



Just an update: @decastell told me that it now works for him.

So far the Table Generator seems to work for Firefox and Chrome on PC and Mac. I have not tested it with other Browsers (including Safari and Opera). I doubt that it will work with Internet Explorer.

Actually I just tried the latest version of the generator and Help/Hinder still seem to be missing from the Preconception variation.

Also, I noticed that with my SPO and PSR report as above, the Influence Character’s Slide/Bump order shows up as Slide-Buimp-Bump, which isn’t one of the possible patterns. (This wasn’t an issue in previous versions of the generator.)

There was a mix-up of versions there. It should work now.

Nice tool, but for me it doesn’t work on Mac. Tested with Chrome and Safari. Nothing happens if I click on submit - in both browsers. Thanks in advance.

@bobRaskoph … Not sure if you’ve seen my post, “The Dramatica Alphabet,” showing the Act Order/Signposts/Bump & Slide images I created.

How difficult would it be for you to implement them into your Table of Scenes Generator, in the Bump/Slide row, to provide a more visual way of understanding the act order?

If you think it might be possible, I can email you a zip file with all the icons. (The 64x64 ones or 32x32 would probably be best, to keep the size of the chart reasonable.) People who want a copy of the generator on their local computer would have to download the icons as well, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I can send them to anyone who wants them, or perhaps find some kind of file hosting to upload them online.

I’m also wondering if it would be possible to provide the icons for each of the (Setup, Revelation, Conflict, Resolution) variations under each signpost…

What’s the best way to get my two reports in plain-text?