Thankyou and Merry Christmas

Dear Dramatica users,
I am feeling sentimental so bear with me.
This year has been bloody tough.
Discovering dramatica and finding the support of this community to help me explore it has been one of my favourite things about 2020. Ok, that isnt a very high bar but seriously, I am very grateful for your enthusiasm, patience, generosity and creativity.
I often feel like / am the dumbest person in the room when participating in discussions of Dramatica but that is a feeling I’ve come to chase, as I learn so much that way (not being arrogant, that doesnt happen often and it is so amazing to be stretched).
I’ve learned so much from every thread in here, the podcast, the software, the books, Melanie’s blog, Jim’s blog, and Subtext. And they have enriched and expanded a time which could have felt very mean, small and confining.
Thank you!


Thank you for sharing this, George. I’ve been lingering on the far fringes of this forum for awhile now, unsure about engaging. Hearing what the forum means to you and the generosity you’ve experienced here gives me courage to start interacting. It’s as if you wrote everything I’m wishing to experience. Cheers to you. And happy 2021 around the corner!


I’m so glad! Yay! Here is to dipping a toe in and eventually finding you are swimming.