Huge Thanks for Dramatica and Subtext

Okay, I just have to say this:

I’ve been working with the updated version of Subtext, and OMG does it work! I’m not sure I’ve ever felt Dramatica magic like this. My message was stinkin’ hard to pin down, being a holistic isolation, buried in the first act of a linear triumph… (Yeesh! But, it makes sense considering what I was going through when I first wrote the darn thing.)

And, I finally know why the player in which I first placed the IC Perspective leaves at the beginning of the third act. It turns out that decision sets up the hand-off to the new player, and is reinterpreted in the context covered by the last thematic conversation of that act. :exploding_head:

My mind has been blown several times over using this great and helpful system.

Thanks @jhull for all the work you’ve put into the app, and @JohnDusenberry for all your work in Conflict Corner. It’s all been so significantly helpful! :grin:


Thank you @Hunter, I really appreciate this. :smiley:

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That’s amazing, thank you so much!

Just to continue the story:

The other night I went through my outline of the first act with a friend. We did this over the phone, so I couldn’t see his reactions. Nonetheless, after each currently planned scene, I could hear him thinking, deeply, about each and everything that would happen.

In other words, though he didn’t quite catch it himself, I could hear in his quietness the kind of overload happening to think “Whoa, that’s deep…”, and a few other thoughts that I was hoping to achieve.

Now, that can’t be related to my use of Dramatica, now, can it? :wink: