The difference between Requirement, Prerequisites and Preconditions?

All three sometimes confuse me. Seeking to explain…Thanks!

Goals have Requirements.

Requirements have Prerequisites and Preconditions.

Prerequisites + Preconditions


Nice. That’s how I’ve arranged them in my head, but I’ve always had trouble differentiating Prerequisites and Preconditions myself. The idea of “externally imposed upon someone” hasn’t really helped me in that regard.


Would that be “It’s demanded of me.” vs. “I have to have this”?


Here’s how I understand it. Take the movie, Get Out,for example: .

Goal: Conceptualizing, (Figuring out a way to get out of this hell)

Requirements:Conceiving, (What are the missing ideas/elements one needs to know in order to formulate a plan to get out f this hell)

Prerequisite: Learning, (What information must one glean from the storyworld when the inequity is introduced? How does it set up a need for the Requirement(s)?)

Preconditions: Present, (Who/what needs to offer me a boon at this very moment that’ll enable me progress toward the Goal. What favour/task can I do to get some sort of help?)

Preconditions for me are some sort of favour thats done on behalf of a storyworld character of choice. It’s a nice to have, not an absolute must. I use this to tease the readers. To give them fuller experience of the storyworld. Can be tied to different aspects of the world. Plus I link it indirectly to the Dividend in a small, indirect way. It also serves as some sort of foreshadowing of the said storypoint.


Unfortunately, there’s very little difference between those to me. It reminds me much of college course prerequisites, which are not always technically required for understanding in the next course. “It’s demanded of me” or “I have to have this” because the degree program requires it…

That kind of works… It certainly makes sense in the conjunction of the original question.

I’ll need to think on this more. Though, I’m still left to wonder about the Prerequisites/Preconditions dynamic pair under Learning, too.


Requirements are what have to be done to achieve a Goal.
-In order for Sam to live (Goal) he must have a surgery (Requirement)

Prerequisites are the things that need to be done before the Requirement can be brought about. They’re like requirements for the Requirement-or Prerequirements, if you will.
-Before Sam can get the surgery (Requirement), he must lose weight (Prerequisite).

Preconditions are about getting the surrounding conditions right to bring about the Requirement. They are conditions that must be in place prior to achieving the Requirement.
-Before the doctor will perform the surgery (Requirement), Sam must have sufficient insurance coverage to pay for the procedure (Precondition).


After reviewing that link, in other words, Preconditions are the things I hated about high school. Thanks!

I know that I’ll have to find a way to generalize that, but at least it gets me started with something specific.


Thank you all for helping me…:slight_smile: