The Missing Princess Bride Analysis

I’ve been searching for the analysis for “The Princess Bride,” but the Dramatica page containing the comprehensive analysis, complete with the awesome illustrations by @mlucas, has disappeared. Searches through the Dramatica website and Google yield nothing. The links on “The Long Awaited Deep Analysis of the Princess Bride” take me to the Subtext page for the storyform. Does anyone know where to find the comprehensive analysis?

You’re right, it should be here: – but that shows the Jaws storyform!

Until it can be fixed, you can find it on the internet Wayback Machine. Here’s how it was on Jan 17:


Breaking Bad analysis is missing too.

After an update of the site, a few storyforms got redirected into unrelated pages, and it hasn’t been changed since.

Good to know.

Thanks, @mlucas! :grinning: