Thoughts on Fletch

The Dramatica Users Group session analyzing Fletch — the inconsistency in terms of a story form — inspired me to buy the film on blu-ray. I noticed that beyond basketball dreams, Fletch had been paying alimony. He gets a romantic relationship potential in the end with Gail. I wonder if this is part of a main character concern. In terms of OS signposts, I began thinking the first may be Conceptualization because Fletch and Stanwyk discuss a plan of murder. Then succeeding OS signposts seemed to be Learning, Doing and finally Obtaining. He brings in the persons of interest to the news room. So, the first signpost may have been involving understanding Stanwyk’s relationships with various characters. He is also trying to understand why someone who doesn’t have cancer would want to kill himself.

I don’t remember the movie well enough to really comment, but it is a book. If you want to really go deep, read that and see if it has a storyform.

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