Throughline Visualizations 2.0

Here is my new and improved throughline visualizations compilation! I decided a while ago that the original needed some changes, and I finally got around to it.

Here are the changes. First of all, I’ve replaced all the domain names to have the original, more precise terminology. Second, I’ve eliminated the “The Muppets” visualization since it’s now the only one that’s based on unofficial analysis and seems out of place amongst the others. Third, I’ve changed some of the images to more accurately reflect on their throughlines, including the addition of Vitruvius as the second IC in “The Lego Movie.” Finally, I added “Home Alone” into the mix. Take a look:

The visualizations now include:
The Sound of Music (Both Stories)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
12 Angry Men
Harry Potter (Series Storyform)
The Lego Movie (Main Story)
The Lego Batman Movie
The Princess Bride (Both the Inner and Outer Stories)
Wreck-it Ralph
Home Alone
Pixar’s Inside Out

The compilation can be viewed here:
If you don’t have a dropbox account, you can ignore the prompt to sign up by clicking “No thanks, continue to view.” Then you can view the file (and download it, if desired) without hassle.

I hope this compilation is helpful!

Here’s the topic for the original: