Totally satisfied with an Oscar loser

Those of you who frequent the Subtext writer’s room on Thursdays know what I’m talking about. I will happily go watch Green Book now.

Just saying…


Green Book’s win has absolutely nothing to do with the business of selling tickets vs. the business of selling subscriptions…:laughing:

And just for easy reference:


Just saying…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, I know…there’s a lot of pretentious people out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

The emperor has no clothes because they’re still dripping wet out on that clothesline.

Comedy. Relax.

Also, :dog2: :poop:

Why are people taking the Oscars seriously again?


I stopped taking them seriously when Wreck-it Ralph lost “Best Animated Picture” for 2012 to Brave. :laughing: And also two years later when The Lego Movie wasn’t even nominated for the award.

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I’ve just discovered my Oscars dvr recording is a wonderful way to spend a few minutes, every few days, watching the interactions and words of people in the industry and the brilliant staging [artistically clever and stunning, imho]. It’s fun to see someone’s hard work get rewarded, and we can all agree that everyone on every production nominated worked very, very hard. I never watch reality TV shows, so I guess it’s become mine …haha.