Upper Right "lighthearted"?

So in rethinking my novel, it seems I wrote Top Right to form, down to where I broke the story in prep for book 2. My question is about the “light-hearted” nature of a Doing story. Now I have a mood problem:

(this is from here )

As ya’ll know, my story is dystopian, so “light-hearted” doesn’t quite fit the genre. But this is a doing story, and for the MC it seems to be a Progress story about personal security as she searches (pauses her search) for her family. It’s certainly a Doing story. And my throughlines all match up with this storyform.

So do you want to help me with the top-right category, Mike @mlucas? What am I missing?

Makes me think of this scene:

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I do think that getting a feeling for how the Concern quads differ is useful, but also subtle and a bit subjective (at least in the way we describe them).

I’ve said before that while I totally get the lighthearted/playful thing, there are a number of top right stories (especially OS Universe/Progress stories) that don’t seem especially “light” to me.

Outside of Universe stories, Romeo and Juliet is a top right story. Compare though to Hamlet which is upper left.