What could be the OS problem of biased reporting?

If this kind of conflict was in a fictional story, what could be the OS domain and problem?

I’m not interested in adjudicating this particular case or having an argument about the real-life issues involved. I only select it as an example of something I’m interesting in writing. In a phrase, you could call it “unjustly tried as guilty in the court of public opinion.” For the sake of this exercise, I’m assuming that the article author’s premise is correct–that biases led to steadfastly holding on to initial biases / smears and continued evasions of contrary evidence.

  1. My first thought is a fixed attitude OS in memories (i.e. an accurate account of what happened–like To Kill a Mockingbird) with a problem of inequity.

  2. Another candidate is perception.

  3. Or impulsive responses (which makes intuitive sense) and a problem of non-accurate (intolerable).

  4. Or hunch (you know “those” kind of people must be this way), which is solved by the step-by-step explanation of refuting evidence (i.e. solution of theory).

  5. It could be psychology, but that seems to fit less well compared to fixed attitude.

  6. Perhaps it could go in more than one direction.


Depends entirely on what you want to say about it.

Do you want to say that the reporting of biased opinion leads to conflict? Physics.
Do you want to say that the nature of the report as biased leads to conflict? Universe.
Do you want to say that the belief underlying the biased report leads to conflict? Mind.
Do you want to say that trying to change opinions through biased reporting leads to conflict? Psychology.


Totally agree with Greg. I could see almost any element in isolation depending on the point being made.

What do you think the problem was here? What conclusions do you draw from the ordeal?

It’s also really hard to decide Domains with only one throughline. Having Sandmann or Phillips or a reporter as the MC would probably change the framing drastically.


If you want to write about how a bias leads to conflict, you could write about how the media hates Trump and that leads to conflict through biased reporting (Mind), or you could write about how the media look at And reports on these kids and the world through Trump-hate colored glasses (Psychology). I would probably put an OS for a story about this in Psychology and talk about the dysfunctional relationships between the media and Maga hat wearers rather than to look at how hate or love for Trump causes problems for all.


Another way of looking at it, you do have two main groups, here, young and old. Maybe, age could create a universe overall story. (i.e.lack of awareness of the other’s life experience due to separation of decades, etc.)

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It is rarely possible to pin a storypoint or domain to one piece of information. Not even success/failure.