What element determines the MC's good judgment?

I have a Failure/Good/Holistic/Change.

For Good, would it be the MC’s crucial element or the Solution (for Change character) or the UA?

You see, I have an MC who is in an organization and her UA is Repulsion — which is perfect since she’ll be threatened with getting kicked out towards the end. Ultimately, she chooses to stay (even though they want to get rid of her). She’s holistic mindset which explains that ‘balance’.

But it did leave me wondering, which MC element would relay the Good outcome?

There isn’t an Element tied to the MC Judgment as much as there is the order of Storybeats (Signposts) in the Storyform. It’s a Dynamic, which means the relationship between the different Throughlines in terms of order will lead to either a Good or Bad “feeling” to the story.


Ah, okay! The UA will be expressed from Act one. Of course. Thanks, @jhull.

I have to adjust the short story a tad now. So! With an MC in Universe and a UA of repulsion, someone will want to get rid of her from the get go for a special reason.

Because it’s a short story, I’m emphasising the MC throughline, and the SPs of the OS.

(I wonder if I can fit in any more acronyms, lol!)