AH Throughlines for feedback

Okay, so based on the work we did in the Conflict Corner today (11/4/20). I made the following Throughline Synopsis (which I had never used before). I’d really love for y’all to take a look and give me feedback: if it feels weak anywhere, not enough emotional notes, did I use the right element pieces. Do I just not get it yet and it’s a fail? Just anything ya got, hit me with.


These get difficult without context. But, thinking of methods might help improve some.

MC: Needs emotion and neither one is really in the form of justifying a behavior.
Quarantining a character for research purposes builds trust UNLESS Scouring the town for for sick babies brings Disgust.

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Hi Diane, just offhand I would say the IC one is a little complicated. What about something simple like:

You should fear punishment in order to protect a loved one, unless you need to crave family contact in order to be reunited.

Jim’s idea of going to Concern level may also help here.

I was very much trying to use the “Influence by ______________________” wording. Btw, I just noticed your DSE designation. Congratulations!

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