Character Elements (cheat sheet)


Not sure if this will be of any value to anyone, but I found that making this “cheat sheet” of sorts has helped establish a bird’s eye view of all the character elements and their meanings.

I know the software already includes this and there’s also a GIF floating around, but I couldn’t anything that included all the definitions at once in a single page.

The definitions I’ve inserted are edits of the official ones, just using the bits that I felt were more illuminating than the “short definitions” which I always felt were cryptic. I think there might be one or two definitions that are more my own – mainly just trying to use language that “speaks” to me.

Character Elements.pdf (929.3 KB)

Anyways, I hope someone finds it useful like I do.

Peace. :v:


Hey, that’s really cool! I have most of them memorized (since they’re all pretty straightforward), but it can always help to have a guide to recheck it.

What is this GIF you were talking about? Sounds really interesting.

EDIT: Can we talk about some of the more confusing definitions as well? The ones I have trouble with are Thought, Expectation, and Determination.

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A great mulling-over tool, it puts fun into writer’s block.

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Ha! Yes, indeed. Great way to stay busy without actually writing. :wink:

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Just wanted to say to @Jerome – nice worksheet! Very pretty, and we should probably find a place for user-generated stuff like this.

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Glad you like the sheet. Here’s a color version that might be easier on the eyes.

Character Elements (Color Version).pdf (936.4 KB)

Understood. So one should only focus on the function(s) each character plays and ignore motivations, backstory, etc. Got it.


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Just wanted to add my gratitude for this cheat sheet! Thank-you!

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I’m just seeing this for the first time! Thanks @Jerome!

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Hi, thanks for the sheet! You wouldn’t happen to have one of the variations? :slight_smile: