Dramatica Story Expert and Russian

Has anyone ever successfully written in Cyrillic in Dramatica Story Expert? If so, what is the trick?

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I tried, years ago. I was still writing in Russian, and I wanted to adapt my novella using Dramatica. I used the demo version, though. It was fine, the only thing is that I couldn’t export anything and some of the stuff, if I remember correctly, came out as gibberish. I had this crazy idea to translate Dramatica, and even emailed you back in 2008. You were very kind to reply. We exchanged some emails in 2010, 11, and 16, but, as we say in Russian, “the cart remains where it was,” which means, I guess, the project never got off the ground. I am still interested … maybe … :slight_smile:

Ours is a long standing relationship :wink:

Well Im trying to but software doesnt work properly. Cyrillic letters turns into gibberish as you switch the tabs. Love the book and structure but not sure about buying the program : ( because writing is impossible.

Do you think it is the bug of trial version?

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Alex, you speak Russian?


I have Dramatica, and it’s not a trial version, but Dramatica Pro for Windows. I just tried to use Cyrillic fonts, and it does turn into gibberish, you are right. The thing is, I am writing in English, and I didn’t check it for years.

Sure I do : ) а почему вы спрашиваете?


Просто так. Я просто не знаю никого русскоговорящего, кто пользуется Драматикой.

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Hi @Alex! Are you still here?

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