Dramatica User Group Transcripts


Has anyone created transcripts of the Dramatica Users Group recordings?

I find the Dramatica Users Group discussions’ content very useful, but I’d rather read it.


To my knowledge, there aren’t any transcripts of the DUG recordings. The closest thing I’ve found was the chat log for the Toy Story 4 DUG recording being given as a PDF, and that was just the chat messages.

But your post intrigued me, so I went looking for a DUG recording on YouTube that was about a movie I had watched and that had some semblance of automatically-generated captions. I thought that if I could get myself the automatic captions, I would only have to tweak them into something readable and modify them in case of any error. But since the audio isn’t all that great, the captions weren’t helpful as a base for a transcript, so I ditched them pretty early. They were still helpful while transcripting though, but that means I wrote everything from scratch.

I took the Moonlight DUG video and made a transcript of the first 42 minutes (the full recording is 2 hours and 25 minutes long). I don’t really have the motivation to keep on going, as the curiosity and energy I had at the beginning around March somewhat vanished. When I started it, I was trying to rest my hands from typing too much, and I still am. I don’t want to keep this as another temptation to do otherwise, but I also want to post it if it’s useful to anyone so… there it is!

Moonlight DUG (Partial Transcript).pdf (105.4 KB)

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