Dramatica Users Group podcast

Does the audio from the meetings no longer get uploaded as a podcast? Has the feed moved or been retitled? The most recent episodes I have access to are from June 2018, Dr. Strangelove (which actually a repost from several months before), The Accountant, and Jaws.

The audio files of the episodes since then are available to listen to or download here on the site; I was just wondering if there’s some weirdness on on my end that’s keeping me from seeing the uploads.

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I wasn’t aware there was an issue with the feed - I will look into it.


Thanks, jhull. If it makes a difference, I use Pocket Casts. I think it looks at rss feeds or something like that. I’m not sure; I’m not totally literate on the technical aspects of podcast feeds.

There have been a couple times before that a few months went by without new episodes only for them to all show up at once, and I thought this might be the same. There’s such a wealth of back episodes I still haven’t listened to that I only recently realized it had been so long since I saw anything new.

When I rebuilt the site, I likely forgot to flip a switch for the podcasts. thanks!

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Just for my information,

  • are the DUG sessions still going on every month?
  • Or are they stopped ?
  • Or is jhull now hosting these in “The Writers Room”
  • Or …

Yes the Use Group meetings are still going on. They will continue for as long as I am still breathing.

They will always be available on Dramatica.com and YouTube.

I have a 2-year backlog of videos to post. Audio has been available every month (https://dramatica.com/audio)

We just did North by Northwest and we’re doing Roma in August.