Dramatica (Windows)

If I purchase the current version of Dramatica on Windows, will I receive a voucher when the updated version deploys? If not, I’ll probably weather the storm. * Shakes the overflowing piggy bank *

what updated version? the current Windows version was last updated in 2001. I don’t get how they can even think of charging what they do for a piece of software that hasn’t been updated in 17 years. They don’t tell you that anywhere about the Windows version, but a simple net search will.

My most favorite version is v.1.6. I’ve lost it somewhere and am stuck with 4 and the current version…haha. The v.4 is very solid. I’m still working on mastering that level. Just sharing

When the updated version arrives.

What was it about that version you like so much? We’re there tools removed or was it more intuitive or something? I’m just curious. You maybe able to find that version somewhere using Google’s waybackmachine

I liked that I could think about creating fun genre type stories, not pressured into creating great literature, I guess. It seemed like I had read thousands of sci-fi stories in the 50’s and 60’s, and the same with romances in the 80’s and 90’s (before the publishers only wanted soft p). Seeing the variety possible within a genre was a great experience, and I found many studied the length and breadth of writing stories that way. Also mysteries, later, became a wonderful place to go for those readers and writers chased away by the more explicit and bleak requirements of publishing. (I became such a Roman mystery junkie)

I would love to have a Dramatica Plot Pattern program, maybe using gists and genre mixes, bouncing from the v.1.6 simplicity. After all, there is mention of Star Trek as a science fiction western. It would be so much fun to target exactly what you enjoy writing. I don’t know if that makes sense. I conceived of great, lengthly paragraphs to express what I want to convey, but I don’t want to bore you.


Brand new and have been thinking of purchasing Dramatica. The problem is, I don’t have a Mac, only PC. Is it worth it to purchase the current version, or should I wait until Story Expert comes to PC?

It still does something no other software program can—namely, predict unique and relevant storypoints based on user choices.

Aside from the inclusions of Gists in the latest version, the Mac and PC versions offer the same functionality.

That said, the important part—the storyform engine—is still the same today as it was when it Dramatica was first released.

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I have it on PC. It’s absolutely worth it.

And I’ve been using Dramatica since my Mac Quadra 610 and v.1.6. I’m still trying to figure out the gist thing in the new program. The 4 is a classic and will always be solid and exciting to use and explore no matter which computer.

Ditto. The theory underlying the software is so powerful that you’ll likely grow fond of the somewhat outdated interface. (I know I have.) All those grey-background windows are portals into a magical world of narrative understanding…

I just did a search on my hard drive – in the bit over 2 years since I purchased it, I have created 197 .dsf files (the Dramatica Pro file format). More than half are from attempts at finding the storyform for my own stories, the rest from trying to analyze movies and books. I’d say it was definitely worth the investment!