Endings and Personalities

Hey everyone,

I’ve been doing a side project in my free time looking at stories in terms of their personalities. The idea being that if every story is a mind, then it must have a certain personality, and people with similar personalities will tend to flock together. I hope to share it with you soon! It’s been really interesting and enlightening.

One thing that has come up is what effect Outcome and Judgment has on the personality of a story. I’d be interested in hearing, in terms of personality or flavor, what people think of the four possible endings.

For me it’s like:

  • Success / Good: People who are fulfilled and satisfied. Happy people that everyone likes to be around.

  • Failure / Good: Optimistic or hopeful people. Things haven’t worked out, but the glass is half full. Everything happens for a reason and whatever happened was for the best.

  • Success / Bad: People who have found success, but are not fulfilled. Restless, haunted or pessimistic people. Maybe even cynical.

  • Failure / Bad: Absolute bummers who bring you down just by being around them. Their life sucks and there is no silver lining. Truly depressed and miserable.

I grouped them based on Judgment because Happy and Hopeful people seem more likely to be friends then Pessimistic and Depressed people. If the groups were of large enough size, they’d probably break into four distinct groups.

What are your thoughts? Are there better ways to think of this that encompass more stories. Are there examples of stories that fall outside of those definitions?


I always take failure/good as being left with a full glass, unexpectedly.
For me, success/good has optimistic and hopeful people, things always working out, etc… Failure/good has fulfilled and satisfied because things work out after a lot of work and failure. Just hobbiest thoughts …


That’s actually an interesting way of seeing it. I’d need to go through the list of Failure / Good stories to see if it holds, but in my gut it feels right.

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