Positive View on Deficiency

It often happens that the last PSR item in my storyform in one of my throughlines is Deficiency.

If my story has a Judgement of Bad and Ends in Failure I find easily a lot of negative examples how this could be a scene with Deficiency.

Hero Being Deprived of Friends
Hero Lacks Ressources
Hero without his Wife
Hero his Ending Having Unfulfilled Needs

But if my story has a Judgement of Good and Ends in Success I struggle to find something positive about Deficiency.

Do you could point me to some positives examples for Deficiency at the end of a Good Story which ends in Success or Failure?

Hmmmm, maybe the boy in the Emperor’s New Clothes. He lacks the social awareness that has psychologically gagged all the adults so that they can’t say what they see right in front of them, and so he just blurts out the obvious. He is deficient in the social game being played, and thus is the key to toppling the house of cards.


Going to college and leaving ‘so much and so many’ behind. No friends etc. could be a plus, a new start?


Just brainstorming/pulling illustrations

Meeting Someone’s Needs
Being Vulnerable (realizing that you’re not perfect and that’s okay)
Not Having The Feeling That Something Is Missing
Doing Without Something

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Watch The Worst Person in the World

Deficiency is in the title :blush:

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Well, the first thing that jumped to my mind was the lack of a lack of character. In other words one is not deficient enough to cause them to do the wrong thing.

However let me nip up a few from Subtxt and see if I can put a positive spin on them.

Being deprived of something…being kicked off the titanic
Feeling in adequate … this could be the motivation jumping off point for a sequel. Time to go learn something
Not being enough for one’s daughter…again recognition of the deficiency can be the jumping off point for improvement. I’m going to do whatever it takes to earn her respect.
Being deprived of a group…well if you’re stepping away from say gang life, that could be a good thing. You can’t run with us no more cuz you aint’ gangster enough.
Focusing on what’s lacking in your relationship with others…this could be an ending where the character realizes they’ve been the one giving everything and the deficiency in reciprocity is no longer acceptable.

Hopefully this helps.


Thank you so much for your inspiration. Recognizing the lack of something that motivates you to change something bad makes a lot of sense. My bias having a lack of seeing something positive in deficiency is desolving as we speak ;o)