Examples of Holistic thinking in Luca?

I was looking at the storyforms from this list and was surprised to find that Luca had a Holistic Mindset, since it didn’t strike me as different from other Pixar movies when I first watched it a few years ago. Upon rewatching it a second time last night though, I wasn’t really able to pinpoint any example of holistic thinking. My only guess is that there’s no proper Story Goal and more of an Intention, but save for a few hunches that didn’t lead anywhere, I couldn’t find more examples.

I’m probably missing something, but I’d like to know what that is.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched the movie, but I think you’re right. What does Luca want most of all throughout the movie? To find a place where he belongs. But he never seems to have one overarching way to do that. He makes a friend; he lives with the one-armed fisherman and his daughter; he enters the triathlon so he can get enough money to buy a Vespa. But these are all individual puzzle pieces in the overall goal of “fitting in as a fellow human.” I feel like it would be a very different movie if he started at the front with, “I want to buy a Vespa. How do I do that? Well, I need to win the race. How do I win the race? Well, girl what’s-her-name has tried multiple times and failed. Maybe I can help her. How do I get into her good graces?” etc. etc.

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“proper Story Goal” use in this sentence brought to mind something straightforward/linear. I did not see the film, but holistic was not straightforward but doing this now because, then doing that because, then trying this because it needed to be connected to the first thing, then ohmygosh this would help me finish that so I could go get a thing that should be a part of my great thing, etc. Couldn’t intention focus be holistic?

just thoughts

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