Failure/Judgment of Good for Antagonist MC

My MC is a covert antagonist to the “everyone” context of OS. She’s also looking for her family.

By the end of the story, she finds her family (some are dead) but also succeeds in stopping the protagonist. I’m calling it a personal triumph. Because the overall goal of everyone else was waylaid by the Antagonist (MC), who got what she wanted and stopped them (for now).

But when it comes to an Antagonist failure, is [quote=“mlucas, post:2, topic:1458”]
the CF overtakes the UA to help bring about the Failure in some way.
[/quote] still true? Or is it reversed?

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I’ll say still true. And as an example I’ll say that I’m How to Train Your Dragon, it’s Hiccups Strategy of using dragons to save Berk that prevents the next generation of dragon slayers from being trained rather than his work at being a proper Viking allowing it to take place.