Friends Without Benefits

I really enjoyed last week’s Subtext writer’s room which concluded the treatment Friends Without Benefits (wish I could have participated more).

Anyway I couldn’t stop thinking about @jassnip 's idea about referencing Jonas Salk and I came across this news story about a patent battle that’s going on between a Chinese and U.S. company for a drug to treat Coronavirus (!)

And then it occurred to me that the whole Control/Uncontrolled theme in that story is pretty on-the-nose with what’s going on now in terms being unable to Control the spread of this disease. You could swap out “cancer treatment” for “virus drug” in the story and it would be a pretty interesting commentary on what’s happening now. (@jhull)

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Oh awesome! Thanks for sharing this. That was what I was alluding to during the class, I had no idea how on the nose it was.

See, if it was me I would just take the store we created, change the names, add in some pandemic/epidemic to the mix, and write a timely story!


You should do that. Let me know if you need a hand. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, what would be even better–since you @jassnip were so instrumental with the MC–is for you to write to lead us writing it as a group screenplay. How great would it be to see all of us up there accepting the Oscar for Best Screenplay?! (just have to be sure to thank Chris and Melanie :slight_smile:


I’m happy to facilitate. I’m happy to write. However my area is prose. I know NOTHING about writing screenplays, which are very different than what I’m good at. So, if anyone wants to take point/lead, I’m happy to, as I said, facilitate and contribute. Any takers?