How to make a story form around "People need X" conflict?

I think you can trust your feelings about the story itself – not just the storytelling, but also your feelings about what’s driving the characters, what their situations are etc. Underneath those things lies, in my experience, a structure, or set of potential structures.

But you’re right that you can’t necessarily trust your feelings about Dramatica elements; that involves a tricky kind of translation between different parts of your mind. (This is where getting more experience with Dramatica, both writing and analysing, really helps – you get a feel for the elements.)


I say we need a quad that approximates the elements of conflict - having a 4 dimensional view will help greatly

Something like - wounding, identity, force, healing


Bruising, identity, force, recovery

I seem to be defining an accident or sickness as opposed to conflict

Hah! Yes, you’ll likely find that there isn’t one quad to describe an inequity.

That’s what stories are for. :grin: