I declare, King George

I reread the Declaration today and shortened it for modern readers.

Things were fine, now you’ve forced our hand. It’s over. We decide things now, not you. You’re a son of a bitch for about a thousand reasons (see list) and if we stopped to think about it there’d be more. You won’t change. We’re out—all the way out. We’re clearing the table and if you try and stop us we’ll kill all of you before we go. If you were our friend before we’ll kill you twice as hard. We are your worst nightmare. It’s our game now. Now you’ve been warned. Your move.

Let freedom ring.

Seriously, it might be the coldest document in American history.


OS: Psychology/Becoming

MC (“We the People”): Universe/Future

IC (“King George et al”): Mind/Subconscious

RS: Physics/Obtaining


OS: Physics/Doing

MC (“We the People”): Psychology/Conceptualizing

IC (“King George et al”): Universe/ The Past

RS: Mind/Conscious


Alas, it doesn’t work out to have the OS in Physics and the MC in Psychology. I was actually thinking that Conceiving should be in there somewhere too. But also Future!

Anyway. :slight_smile:

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Oh I didn’t run it through the engine. Good thought.

My Colonists would be blinded by a thirst for revenge and obsessed with the past. Then it would turn into Terminator.

England and France would have to band together to stop the evil colonists. E and F realize they had more in common than they thought. The new friendship made them realize there was yet another Ally they could bring in: the “Indian savages“ referred to in the Declaration of Independence. The Indians were amiable until they saw that document! Then the three of them banded together and saved the New World. Then England betrayed the French and Indians, killed them all, and the Crown was safe for good. The good guys won, whew!


I would totally read that book.


They kidnap King George on his visit to America and find out they’ve got Harrison Ford on their hands. Possibly Christopher Eccleston,

They’re a band of bloodthirsty murderers led by Butcher Ben Franklin, the worst of them all. There’s sniveling Jefferson, big dumb blunt instrument thug Washington, Hamilton the Poisoner, Slicer Madison and Morgan Freeman as arsonist Crispus “the Crisper” Attucks. He just likes to make things burn.

David Tennant as the King’s faithful servant, the Hero, fresh from Oxford and protecting his Lord’s tobacco estates.

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In retrospect, I’m amazed that the offenses by the tyrant were (drum roll)… tiny taxes on legal documents and tea. While today, no one even opposes (much less engages in armed revolt against): income taxes, (longstanding) immigration restrictions, government control of the money supply, interest rates, & banking, property taxes & control of schools, gov spending that accounts for 40% of GDP, $100+ trillion in unfunded liabilities, and 200,000 pages of regulatory controls and special privileges in the CFR.

OS = Fixed attitude

You brought it up. :us: :upside_down:

Not as a an invitation to throw the door open to provoking a political argument, I didn’t. Subject dropped.