Intuitive Doer, Logical Be-er?

Logical Doer (action hero) and Intuitive Be-er (a continuum from Mrs. Brown to Mary Sue) are relatively easy to understand, but I want to check my work on the others. In my reading:

Logical Be-ers have a trick of losing messily and taking half the cast down with them. This makes them a rare character type outside of Shakespeare, where losing messily is the entire point. But male love interests – the Edward Cullen type – are also Logical Be-ers, in a milieu less prone to disaster. Tolkien, interested in both love stories and messy losses, has a few Logical Be-ers of his own, especially Beren and Turin in the Silmarillion.

Intuitive Doers are normally found chasing some goal that they picked themselves. They don’t need a call to adventure to get off their duff; they neither see beautiful faces across a room, nor stand in rooms while having beautiful faces. In pursuit of their goals, they scheme aggressively, lie shamelessly, call in favors, get in their mark’s head, and finally strike like lightning out of a blue sky. On the defense, they’re cagey and cautious, always looking to launch a spoiling attack; given half the chance, they’ll seize the initiative and shake it until it rattles.

The more competent sort of genre villains are Intuitive Doers; so are most of the generals and conquerors you’ve heard of. Paul Atrides is a heroic, fictional male example, but he’s probably the only one. Elizabeth Bennett is a serious female Intuitive Doer from a non-martial, non-genre milieu (although she took to killing zombies like a natural); Lucille Ball is a comic figure of the same sort.

… So. Do these readings sound right?

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