Netflix’s Living With Yourself

It feels like a success in the same way that “Frozen” feels like a success, to me. In that, they sell the ending as a success, but they don’t actually employ the OS Solution.

I don’t know what you mean by “it’s not pulled off” because I don’t know what you think the story goal is, or what kinds of things could even count as a success. (It doesn’t have to be a return to One Miles.)

Plus, I think a large part of the storyform is there. It’s not like it has no structure.

And, yeah, we’ll see if we scared @Greg off. Or see if someone makes a random comment in 19 months.


Still here! But…question…where are we? If still the Os description, I’d say the OS has a problem of an extra Miles existing, and I guess I was looking at a solution of figuring out a way to make this new Universe work. I think, @MWollaeger, you said something about a new attitude making it work maybe next season. That’s kind of what I was wondering if had happened when we the two Miles’s chop up the credenza together. Was that meant to show that they can get along in this new universe now? I take it, Mike, that your answer is no, that’s not what that was about.

I don’t know. This is what I want to get to the bottom of.

I would like to agree on the Domains and then talk about Concerns.

Domains agreed. Os Universe, MC Physics.

@MWollaeger Boy, am I glad I didn’t use Home Alone as an example of a Universe story that’s actually in a different domain. :smile:

Alright. Where do you see the concerns?

I’ll ask again: what is it about New Miles that drives Old Miles crazy?

He’s better at being him than he is. He’s the better Miles and he doesn’t have to try. I think it would be probably be being with a becoming benchmark (He’s taking over my life!)

Conversely, Old Miles isn’t doing anything. He’s not getting work done, not writing his play, not going to the clinic. When he does do things it’s all counterproductive (drinking, watching porn).

Nicely done.

I’m going to add one thing to this: what is Old Miles also concerned about? He’s trying to get New Miles to do his job.

So this forces the OS and RS Concerns too.

I can see progress in the OS.

I’m wondering where you see Preconscious in the marriage.

A lack of spontaneity?

New Miles spontaneously cooking and whisking away the wife for a trip is pulls her away from old Miles? Pulling her up to dance just because brings them closer?

It’s not exactly a focus. But she spontaneously decides to go on

Mostly though I see the RS as the Two Miles–and here I see a lot of spontaneous anger popping up. (“You slept with my wife??!” … goes and grabs an ax and runs across the city. Also, the credenza. And Old Miles’s reaction to the play getting rewritten…)

So what would Progress in the Os be?

The spa being shut down. Making progress on the pitch. The company trying to expand operations. The tide of public opinion changing. The FDA whittling down the cloning division.

Those all spring to mind.

I don’t remember specifics about some of these. What conflict comes from the spa being shut down? From Progress being made in the pitch (doesn’t seem like they make progress so much as just accept what nM tosses out)? From the FDA being whittled down?

I would say that Progress shows up in the OS mostly when we are talking about the family. They establish in the episode where Kate is the focus that they moved to the suburbs to grow and start a family. They are making no progress.

It’s not a Present problem, they aren’t having trouble being a family per se—they’re not having trouble paying this month’s rent, or buying food. But Kate is fed up and things are headed in a bad direction. Miles not going to get his sperm tested is not a present problem—it’s a refusal to make progress. Also, Miles isn’t progressing in his job, and when New Miles shows up and is making progress that actually creates problems.

At work, Old Miles has a presentation to decipher and he can’t make any progress on it. The success of the pitch is tied to a promotion: progress within the company.

Ok, got it. Now I’m on board there, too.

Progress is always a bit weird to suss out since all movies progress (and get worse) as the story builds.

Who wants to take a stab at the Issues?

I’m forgetting a good bit of it at this point, but what stands out to me most in the OS is Threat-the Miles’ threatening to report the spa, the FDA vaguely threatening Miles, and the competitor at the vote threatening a lawsuit.

I can see that. Dan being threatened by New Miles getting the spotlight. How do you feel about the elements under that thought? Do you feel strong about Theory / Hunch / Determination / Expectation?

I think Skill is pretty strong for Miles, since he actually isn’t very skilled at what he wants to do (his play stinks). I don’t know how I feel about Effect / Cause / Test / Trust though.

Those sound a lot like subject matter to me. But, subject matter and issues (don’t quote me) seem to show up together a lot. So let’s run with this.

Oh no!

We can’t have Threat/Skill as a thematic combo!

We have a couple of choices here.

We can pick one of the dynamic pairs associated with Threat or Skill (since most thematic arguments are usually explored with point/counterpoint) and see if that helps us think.

Or, we can look to the issues below each one and see if that helps us think.

I’ll let you choose…

I know. That’s why I was asking if he felt good about the problem elements under threat. :smile:

I think Threat / Security (more like insecurity) are strong for OS.

Fact and Fantasy are there too.

The whole pitch is kind of this imaginary, dream world where we’re all a big family, when really it’s for a company run by a guy who sold an innocent kid out to Nazis so he could get more food.

I’ll have to wait until I can look at elements again though.